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Let's face it! In the online competitive world, getting no traffic means you're out of leads, sales and money... the sad truth though is that most people are running after the best advertising deals. Yet, only a few people know how to turn ads into money.

And I'm not talking about buying cheap and advertising "high-converting" offers to make a quick profit... this works, but there's a far better way to turn your investment into money in the pocket...

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xSharePro Script - the master way that enables
others to order advertising slots from your Revenue
Sharing web site, providing YOU with (daily) doses
of passive income...
The Only Way Advertising Pays The Bills...
Blasting ads all over the web is not always profitable; in fact, most people who advertise online are losing money. The only way to generate a sizeable ROI and potentially make a small fortune online is to sell advertising to others, not just to buy it!

Once you own the Revenue Sharing script, you're the king of advertising on your site because...

Users join in (eager to make money and advertise their product/offer so other members can see their ads and
They buy an ad slot (or multiple slots)
***Each slot comes with a free advertising package like Text Ad, Banner Ad, Solo Ad. + % of return on their initial investment.

Let's say your user paid $10 for 1 ad slot. He gets 2% (this can be changed) of $10 every day for next 30 days (this can
also be changed) so in total he will receive 60% of original investment + Free advertising package Remember...
Newbies Buy Advertising And Lose Money
Gurus Sell Advertising And Generate Extra Profit!
With the xSharePro script you give your members the chance to buy ads and make money on their investment as well.

The market is ever-green, always growing, as each business and site owner needs to advertise their offering, for as long as they're in business, right?

So there you have it: an irresistible opportunity you should neglect at your own peril!

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Here's what you get once you secure your xSharePro Script license
(which comes cheaper than what our competitors are charging):

Admin Area Features
Create and Manage Plans with Advanced Options like Daily Earning, Recompound Ratio, Ads Credits, ROI Days, etc.
Huge Variations With Options Like Earning Type, Earning Interval And Earning Credit Strategy
Create and Manage Exciting Jackpots for Members
Comprehensive Overview Page Showing All Major Statistics and Admin Notes
Decide Referral Commission Levels Which Can Be Up to 5 Levels
Option To Send Mail Through SMTP Server
Option To Use SSL On Your Website For Enhanced Security
Undecodable Admin Password Using Hashing
Change The Path/Directory Of Your Admin Panel For More Security
Advanced Password Policy for Members' Secure Data
Limit The Advertisements Display Number on the Front Side And Member Side
Option to Set Your Affiliate Id in Powered By Notice So That You Get Commission For Each Sale.
Specify The Minimum Sum Of Withdrawal, Maximum Sum Of Withdrawal, Withdrawal Days and Fees For The Same
Limit The Processor Wise Withdraw Request Amount And An Option To Prevent Exchangers Too
Search The Records Using Different Parameters
Notification Of New Updates After Previous Login
Manage The Email Templates of All Outgoing Mails
Notification By Email for Every Major Activity And Update
Exclusive Tooltips For All Important Options
Simplest Navigation Under Various Headings
Single Click Backup, Automatic Backup, Restore And Repair Database Under Website Maintenance Option
Easily Activate, Edit or Delete A Member
Mail To All Or Selected Members By A Single Go
Cronjob Logs Page To View The Cronjob Run History
Member Login History Using Member Log Option
Block Any User Or IP Address From Logging In
Block Any IP Address, Email or Domain From Signing Up
Manage Registration/Sign Up Form With Custom Fields
Enable/Disable Option For Each And Every Major Features Of The Website
Complete History Of Fund Payments, Commission, Withdrawal, etc. With An Option To Download as CSV
Let Members Withdraw Easily : Traditional Masspay Option as Well as Automated Masspay Option Using APIs
Integration With Major Payment Gateways Like Payza, SolidTrustPay, EGO-Pay, Perfect Money, Pexpay, Okpay, Payeer, Bitcoin(Blockchain)
Cutting-edge Encryption Of Your Confidential Processor Data And Passwords
Attractive Pre-loaded Themes With Just-Click-and-Change Option
Manage All The Member And Public Tickets Under Easy Layout
Sort The Records By Columns In Any Table
Switch/Sort The Navigation Menu That Appears On The Member Side
Add/Edit Your Message On Any Page Of Your Website
Add New FAQ Categories and Distribute FAQs Under Those Categories
Activate, Edit, and Delete Option for Member Testimonials
Create and Manage Virtual Pages For Member Side as well as Front Side
Add or Edit Different Advertisements Like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Solo Ads, etc.
Easily Create and Manage Promotional Tools like Splash Pages, Landing Pages, Banners, Text Ads Among Others
Statistics Of The Advertisements And Member Credits
Member Area Features
Purchase Positions in Various Plan Offers and Earn daily on those Investments
Overview Page Showing All Important Statistics Of The Member
Earn Easily With The Attractive JACKPOTs offered Frequently
Sign in/Sign up With Your Google or Facebbok Account
Email Notification For Every Major Activity And Update
Individual News Page Stating Latest News About The Site
Complete F.A.Q. Page Answering All The Common Questions
Easy Support System For Members As Well As Public For Any Queries
Stats Like Online Members, Guests, Recent Signups, Top earners, etc...
Easy Updating Of Personal Details In Profile Page
Disable Solo Ads Option to Stop Receiving Solo Ad Emails
Simple Withdrawal System
High Security Of Your Account Using Encrypted Passwords
Pre-Loaded Email Templates For Tell-A-Friend Page Of The Site
Promotional Tools Like Email ads, Text Ads, Banners, Splash Pages and Landing Pages
Advertising Option Containing Banner Ads, Text Ads and Solo Ads
Complete Credit Based System For Advertising
Earn Credits By Just Viewing The Advertising Banners Of Other Members
Statistics Like Number Of Clicks, Clicking Ratio Of All Your Ads
Saved Solo Ads Option To Save Solo Ads For Future Use
Add Testimonials Simply to Express Your Views
Easy Links To Know Your Referrals Upto Any Level, Credits, Transactions History, etc.
1 Year Free Support with each script sold (meaning you get personal access to our team via email, whenever you're stuck or have any questions about your membership, 365 days free of charge).
Script is for single domain License. If you have more sites, then you will want to buy multiple licenses and multiple your income by 2x, 4x and even 7x times...

Take a Look At What Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say About The Script And Our Support System :

Client Testimonials
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"I can't say enough about the support they have given me. When it was time for the upgrade they completed that in a timely fashion. The support staff is very talented and knowledgeable . Thank You again for the support help."

Rob S

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"xSharePro Is #1 Trusted Script To Purchase. Buy This Script If You Want To Earn A Lot Of Money And Become A Trusted Admin. Thank You xSharePro Team For Providing This Script And Your Constant Support. You Have Always Been There To Help Me. Thanks!!!"

Grab The xSharePro Script For One Time $177(instead of $297) Now!
Plus, Free 1-month DDoS Protected Hosting Package from (Zama D1)
We Accept :
Script Demo Available Inside Members Area